hgatorHostGator.com LLC is a web hosting company that was started by a man named Brent Oxley in 2002. The company first started out in a dorm room at Florida Atlantic University and grew into a virtual empire in just a short number of years. It is now looked upon as being the lead provider as far as a multitude of web hosting services and dedicated servers are concerned. Nonetheless, one of the things that make it an awesome business is obvious. HostGator does its best to make sure that its newest customers feel at ease, with a savings that will only serve to bring extra money home.

HostGator coupons work well in that they make it possible for new customers to save money in every way that is possible. They also make them feel comfortable not only with the web hosting service they choose, but also that they are indeed getting lots of service for a price that might be higher elsewhere.

Signing up for HostGator web hosting has never been more advantageous with the use of these special discount codes to save a person a little bit of money. HostGator not only makes getting a web hosting service something very easy to do, but they also have affordable packages that everyone can fit into their budget.

In addition, they have web hosting features such as a control panel that is easy to use, and is flexible. HostGator does not require a customer to sign a contract, and each customer is offered a money back guarantee for a period of forty-five days.

There is also a wide range of complimentary services that do come along with each HostGator web hosting package for customers. Some of the free things include website transfer, domain transfer, a free SiteBuilder with SiteStudio that has website building tools. Fifty-two scripts are given for free along with 4,500 website templates that are also free.

Another thing that HostGator provides its customers with for free is website submission and SEO tools that can make a big difference for the success of a new online business. This will not only help a new internet business to get added to popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, it will also allow a customer to have access to numerous videos and SEO tips on how to improve search engine ranking.

Application hosting from HostGator will show the customer how to be able to successfully install about 75 scripts that are open-sourced with only one mouse click. It also has other features built into it that include WordPress Hosting that permits a person to be able to create their own WordPress blog. There is also Magneto Hosting, which is an e-commerce type of store platform that is free to use as well.

There is far more to HostGator than just its famous discount codes. It is a full-service web hosting company that knows exactly how to provide customer service and satisfaction in every way that matters to a business.

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